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Rod’s background

I am lecturer in biomedicine at the School of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University in NW England. I have spent my career studying  relationships between microbes, plants and animals. I am also interested in generating a dialogue between the arts and biosciences to create new imaginings in both art and science research.

This blog presents my personal views, opinions and  interests in science and art and how I am working within and between the boundaries of the two.  There will be posts on my current research on the tropical disease leishmaniasis and the insects (sand flies) that spread the disease and my interests in microbes. Also collaborations where artists are working  on an equal footing and in close collaboration with scientists.

LAB C: Liverpool Art and Biosciences Collective. Gina Czarnecki, Rod Dillon and Sam Meech are developing LAB C based  in Liverpool and across the North West to create ground breaking  art projects based on current research and ideas in biological sciences and biomedicine.

The purpose of LAB C:

  • To provide a suitable environment for creative investigators to share exploration into the hybrid area between art and bio-sciences either in blue-sky research, development or creative production.
  • To find new ways to stimulate innovative experiential learning experiences for professionals and the general public.
  • Through creative experimentation we will create a platform for public input into debates surrounding bio-science research ethics and practice.

Please note that the views expressed in this blog are the personal opinions of the authors and not that of any institute associated with the authors.

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  1. Madeline Raymond permalink
    January 2, 2011 3:06 pm

    I rekon you are keeping yourself very busy. Your research and topics of interest are taking you into a whole new world of thought and exploration. You have remained motivated and keen to push as many boundaries as you can. Keep up the good work.

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